Why drug addiction cannot be prevented?

Explain how family therapy sessions are conducted and by whom. Drug use can have an adverse effect on users and on public health. The government seeks to prevent people from using drugs. However, if people become addicted, addiction care is available.

For those who can't stop their habit, there are measures to limit the harm to their health. Drinking alcohol and using other drugs can have negative consequences on adolescent growth and development. The risk of developing substance use problems later in life increases as teens start using substances, whether alcohol, other drugs, or both. The negative effects of drug addiction will tend to have long-term consequences in the middle or later stages of addiction.

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment (PDF): Effective treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Addiction can develop in different ways, and different drugs have different potential for addiction. Addiction can take over a person's life, so the best strategy to overcome addiction is to never let it take root.

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