What is drug abuse short answer?

UH-BYOO) The use of illegal drugs or the use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are intended to be used, or in excessive quantities. Drug abuse can cause social, physical, emotional, and work problems. Substance abuse is the medical term used to describe a pattern of substance (drug) use that causes significant problems or distress. This can include missing work or school, using the substance in hazardous situations, such as driving a car.

It can cause legal problems related to substances or ongoing substance use that interferes with friendships, family relationships, or both. Substance abuse, as a recognized medical brain disorder, refers to the abuse of illegal substances, such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. Or it could be the abuse of legal substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, or prescription drugs. Alcohol is the most common legal drug of abuse.

Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, is the use of a medication in quantities or through methods that are harmful to the individual or to others. It is a form of substance-related disorder. In the contexts of public health, medicine and criminal justice, different definitions of drug abuse are used. In some cases, criminal or antisocial behavior occurs when a person is under the influence of a drug, and long-term personality changes can also occur in individuals.

In addition to potential physical, social and psychological harm, the use of some drugs can also lead to criminal penalties, although these vary widely depending on local jurisdiction. Talk to your healthcare provider or see a mental health provider, such as a doctor who specializes in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry, or a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.

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