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Why Rehab Saved Robin Williams Life

Robin Williams is definitely well known as being one of America’s top funnymen. Celebrity came with a price though as Williams wasted a long time dealing with cocaine and liquor problems. In the position to free himself from the demons with the substances, Williams lived a life involving sobriety for 20 years, up until ’06.

In 2006, developing stress got to Williams and the man droped off of the wagon. He soon began drinking once again up until the illness threatened his marriage. His spouse of seventeen years at the moment, Marsha, encouraged him to try to get support. Though the actual relationship did not pull through the abusive drinking, Williams ended up getting sober and states it ended up saving his life. According to him it is simple for him to see plainly without the effects associated with the actual alcohol. Williams is taking it slower regarding working these years. He acknowledges that when he is consistently doing work, it has a unfavorable effect on his harmful addictions.

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