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Why do teenagers use drugs?

Go to any senior school celebration on a Friday or Saturday night and you will probably observe some type of drug. Some teenagers might be smoking weed in the backyard or they might be hot boxing it in the vehicles out front, some teens might be doing lines of drug in the toilet, some might be taking roofies right in the midst of everyone. The point is that drugs are often quite popular with folks in the middle to late adolescent years. Mistreatment and drug use has become synonymous with senior school in modern America. When teenagers move to senior school, it is likely they will come in contact with drugs, and when exposed they will be tryed by many. They may be even sought by some out without being uncovered first. Drugs and teens frequently go hand and hand today, and this is why a lot of parents become very stringent with their children when they access high school for fear that if they are too lax their children will become involved with drugs.

Today, why do teens use drugs? Obviously, teenagers and drugs are interlocked, but why? What is it about drugs that teenagers seem therefore drawn to use them for? There are many different good reasons for this societal inclination.

The initial is that drug use and exploitation has been produced “trendy” in pop culture. Others have produced drug use appear desirable, although there are those in pop tradition who condemn drug use and misuse. The well-known and wealthy use drugs at their leisure because they could manage it and generally get away with it. That is publicized by the media and is contained in several pictures, television shows, and in music. They are the people that many younger people trust to be. By doing medicines, they frequently sense they are reflecting those individuals they look up to, creating themselves look like they are “trendy” like those individuals, like they are doing as the rich and well-known do and that makes them one step nearer. Teenagers do not often understand who they are, and this means they usually appear up to others and mirror them, if they look up to the wrong folks, they might end up doing the wrong things.

Many teenagers feel when they enter high school that they have been sheltered. They are frequently told what to do, told what to encounter. In the teen years, people start planning to understand for themselves more. They want to understand what they like and what they do not like, they want to have new experiences, they frequently want to understand how issues like sex, drugs, and alcohol feel because they have never been exposed to it before. Therefore, they test to gain their own encounters. Unfortunately, even just one experimentation may lead them down the wrong path.

Of course, teenagers are rebellious. Within the teenager years, we begin to grow and transform hormonally, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This leads teens to desire to split off and be their own people from their parents. And because of this, teenagers usually do things they understand that their parents would not approve of because they need to have their own experiences, make their own choices, and guide their own life the way they want to. Revolt is usually what gets some teenagers to use drugs for the very first time, even if they understand it is poor.

Why do teens use drugs? To test, to be impartial, to be like these they look around. These are really the principal factors why teenagers use drugs. Not to mention they often use drugs to self-medicate through the modifications they experience as they grow and produce. In short, the teenager years are tough as there’s lots of change and development. And this may all lead teenagers into things that are usually considered foreign and new, including medicines.

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