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What is cross-addiction?

I have known a lot of men and women who have struggled with drug and alcohol addictions in my time. I don’t understand what it is, nevertheless I have consistently been surrounded by people with addiction problems. I’m not an alcoholic or any kind of a substance addict myself, yet I ended up being born into a family where there were a lot these guys and I appear to attract people that have this kind of problem. My mother, who is actually not any kind of a drug addict or an alcoholic, says it’s because I possess a silent strength and I am a problem solver. She says that men and women with those types of serious ailments are usually more likely to become drawn to me due to the fact some people can sense my strength and subliminally need me to be able to repair them. Of course, i actually can’t fix anyone. This whole strength deal is ultimately keeping me inside a tough condition as individuals with these types of issues do have a tendency to flock to me. I’m twenty-five years old and I feel surrounded by men and women struggling because of all these addictive problems and i actually am over-exhausted by my own endeavours to try and assist them and then acquire these folks help.

In my time, I have actually observed moderate alcohol dependency where the individual is a functioning alcoholic. That’s my dad for you. I have witnessed substantial alcohol dependency in which the particular folks need to constantly be consuming alcohol to “function”. Really, they don’t function well however it keeps them from feeling sensitive to the outside world that they can easily move about in it. I have witnessed nominal drug addiction ailments such as addiction to weed, quite a number of individuals I know including my brother have had trouble with this. And I have seen substantial drug addictions, harmful addictions that completely control one’s existence such as addiction to heroin and crystal meth. A few of my own friends have struggled when it comes to this. And unfortunately, my own older sis still does. And I’ve seen individuals wrestle when it comes to a couple of addictions. Addictions to drugs and to alcohol or alternatively addictions to many particular drugs at once. I’ve heard this defined as cross-addiction. But what is cross-addiction?

You see, I am interested to learn about all these terms and so on as I am dealing with addiction so frequently. Like I said, i actually over exhaust myself locating AA and NA meetings, twelve step programs, and rehab centers and also programs. What is cross-addiction? Is it a disorder that will call for me to explore a unique type of therapy from what I get currently with regard to those people?

God, God, now that i actually stop and think about it, it’s really ridiculous exactly how concerned I get with these people’s problems. I become surrounded and consequently I attempt to solve. It really isn’t fair to me. I mean, I’m thankful i actually help men and women sometimes, yet it’s not really my place and in addition it’s certainly not my job.

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