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What is Co-Dependency Anonymous?

It was recently pointed out that my long term girlfriend, Kelly, has become co-dependent regarding me. And I don’t necessarily mean that the lady is needy and consequently simply hopes to spend a lot of time together with me, I mean she has to be able to actually do every little thing with me or she won’t actually do anything. I mean that the lady goes out of her way to be able to “care for me” even though i actually don’t have to have this and this hurts her and complicates the woman’s life. She has an actual disorder, co-dependency is a genuine thing. I think people who are co-dependent are generally people who have got an unhealthy love for another individual then demonstrate this love in unhealthy ways. I really just applied this as the joking phrase for clingy, little would I realize i actually would experience the actual thing.

Her co-dependency was first off pointed out to myself by some of my guy friends, which includes my good buddy Shane, however i actually blew these people off. I suspected their only fellas which are bored and jealous that i actually have a partner that loves me as much as this lady does. Then her buddies pointed that out which I considered was actually a little odd, some people were easily worried about her. But again, I shrugged this off. Then the woman’s parents and then my own parents said to me they felt there was actually something greater than simply excessive clinginess going on. That’s when I came to the realization that there a difficult problem.

We went to a professional who is a professional in human relationships and marriage. It was there that these people revealed to us that Kelly was in deed co-dependent. She is in love with me to an unhealthy extreme. She won’t go to the grocery store or perhaps eat any kind of a real meal without me. She won’t see her friends or family members without me. She won’t function properly without me. Furthermore, the lady leaves work to be able to cook me snacks or something and carry them to my own work. And even though the lady could get in trouble for this and will be skating on thin ice at her work, she nonetheless does that simply because the lady feels she needs to take care of me.

This has got to change in the event that she is to get well balanced and consequently if we are too last, and the reality is, it is certainly not probable that we can last, which really sucks. The specialist wishes her to keep coming back for therapy. Her father and mother wish for her to go to Co-dependency Anonymous. This throws me off. What is co-dependency anonymous? There can’t genuinely be any kind of a co-dependency anonymous like there is an alcoholic’s anonymous. It’s not really that terrible of a problem. And what precisely can it require and exactly how can it help? Seriously, what is co-dependency anonymous?

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