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What does it mean to “work the steps” of 12 step programs?

My older sibling just lately started a 12 step program needed for her alcohol dependency problem. She may be young, sadly she still by some means fell into that pitfall of alcoholism. My mom and dad stepped in and told her that it was either get assistance or they would make the payment for her grad school. So naturally, the girl has chosen to have help. No one thought that her predicament was in fact grave enough for full on rehabilitation, simply a twelve step program would likely be just fine. And so, this is what she is going through right now. When I found out she was obtaining this particular help, I was fairly excited. I’ve been told about twelve step programs and how very much they can support people. And I genuinely do want my sis to be able to succeed, the girl does have so very much to offer this world, I want her healthy. I can’t wait for this lady to be able to kick alcoholism, move through grad school, and get out into the world then show everyone everything she is actually made of. Unfortunately, we have actually run into a little bit of a wall.

My parents are typically in correspondence with a leader for this twelve step program, and this person mentioned that her improvement is less than what that should probably be. She has got some sort of internal impediment which is not really allowing the girl to be able to proceed forwards and end up being a strong, sober individual. She isn’t drinking right now, yet she isn’t emotionally and psychologically progressing. She is still with the particular mind set pertaining to an alcoholic even though she is not now partaking in these urges. According to the leader of the program, this person says she is simply hoping that just by going and sitting in at these group meetings that she will end up being healed from alcoholism, it won’t happen, obviously.

According to the leader, my sister needs to “work the steps” regarding the 12 step program. That she has to always be actively working while these individuals learn proceed through every single stage of the program. This is something which I don’t absolutely understand. What does it necessarily mean to “work the steps” associated with 12 step programs? I mean, this is certainly sort of an unusual phrase. Aren’t you just progressing your way through the particular steps and all those steps lead to sobriety? I realize that this guy knows exactly what this guy is speaking about, nevertheless i actually don’t. And anyway i need to simply because i actually would like to consider precisely what this individual means so that I know just what is actually going on and then what needs to go on when it comes to my own sister. So, what can this mean to “work the steps” associated with twelve step programs?

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