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Vicodin is Addictive

I’d always been curious about Vicodin because Dr. House always took it for the pain in his leg on the television show House. His personality had an addiction to the medication after so much use for his chronic pain difficulty and it frequently contributed to his whacky personality and ideas, suggestions that constantly worked out in the long run.

I never desired to use Vicodin like him. I only wanted to see what it was like, what kind of result it might have on me. Needless to say, like all people who get their knowledge teeth surgically eliminated, I had ultimately had the chance. After that surgery, I was given Vicodin to a bottle to assist with the procedure that would be followed by the pain. And boy did I need it!

I was not concerned about getting addictive like Dr. House, I was merely excited to find out what it made me feel like. Of course, for me recovering from the surgery, any strange or new effects weren’t produced by it, it only made me feel regular as oppose to being in incredible quantities of discomfort from the surgery. For the initial 3 times useful, it just helped me never to need to weep. However, as I started to progress I noticed changes with using Vicodin.

After another day, I realized that the Vicodin wasn’t doing just as much for me anymore. I was getting resistant to it. Therefore, I determined to take more of the drug. And that’s when I began to experience the euphoria it can create. Vicodin made me feel free and at peace when I required only a tad bit more than the physician would have loved. But I was at home recovering form operation therefore I did not think it was the big of the deal.

After a week, I was actually back on track when it comes to my surgery. However, I still had Vicodin, and I was still getting it, still mistreating it. I might just take more and more so that I could feel that high. There isn’t really a means to describe it apart from you feel light and regularly pleased. I started seeking at Vicodin as a new requirement for existence as it made me feel so good. And then my prescription ran out.

Needless to say, there is no refilling the prescription. Once I was away that was it. Therefore, I begun to undergo withdrawal from Vicodin. This is when I realized that Vicodin is addictive, more addicting than I could have dreamed and I had been addicted. It was like being ill and being really angry about it, as a result of my habit not being met, I lost my desire, I was perspiring and trembling, I sensed irritable and angry, I could not sleep.

After a few days I was fully back on track, but having a what it may do and new understanding of Vicodin. I today understood Dr. House slightly better, and what I understood scared me a little bit. Vicodin is addictive, and so must other prescribed drugs be. There are individuals out there who can get more of the medications if they wish, more people to perpetuate addiction. And considered in my experience is awful.

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