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TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Not often is there ever any kind of facts guiding the glamorization of teen consuming alcohol, still a great number of shows do not demonstrate the actual damaging fact in the trend. Glee is a most recent television show to show teenage drinking and confuse the tv audiences. Is teen alocohol consumption thrilling or harmful?

The show “blame it on the alcohol” might have been performed far better. Of course, it is just a actuality that adolescents ingest and of course, it can be a certainty that adolescents expire as a result of these kind of choices. However, as opposed to portraying teen consuming to be a fun action, writers have to take responsibility to the visitors that they’re very likely to influence. Although the episode did include designated drivers in the episode, the specific dangers of teenage consuming weren’t emphasised. Young people that look at drinking as a interesting activity, might imagine that once they employ a designated driver attempting to engage in alcohol won’t bring them just about any problems. I would like to discover additional truth and much less glamorization from television shows that are likely to have a very good strong relation to today’s youth.

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