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The Problems of Cocaine Addiction and Drug Rehab

One of the highly addictive substances known is the white powder extracted from the coca plant popularly known as cocaine. People can snort the powder, which causes its effects on the brain to be felt quickly, or dissolve the powder in water and inject it intravenously. During the 1970s, users developed a method for separating the most potent chemicals in cocaine by heating it with ether which paved its way for the appearance of freebase cocaine. This produced a cocaine base, or freebase, that is even more powerful. It is often smoked in a water pipe or is combined in a tobacco or marijuana cigarette. A form of free-base cocaine that is boiled down into tiny chunks, or rocks, which are usually smoked is known as crack.

Cocaine activates the ventral tegmental area and the nucleus accumbens, the areas of the brain that register reward and pleasure. Normally, when a pleasurable event occurs, dopamine is released into the synapses in these areas of the brain and then binds to receptors on neighboring synapses. Cocaine blocks the reuptake of dopamine into the transmitting neuron, causing dopamine to accumulate in the synapse, maintaining the pleasurable feeling.

Feelings of great self-esteem, alertness, energy, and a general feeling of competence, creativity, and social acceptability happens after the initial sense of euphoria produced by the taken in of cocaine. The feeling of being drugged is not often felt. A feeling of becoming the person they always wanted to be happens instead. Cocaine produces feelings of to grandiosity, impulsiveness, hypersexuality, compulsive behavior, agitation, and anxiety, reaching the point of panic and paranoia when taken in very heavy dosage. After stopping the use of the substance, users may feel exhausted and depressed and may sleep a great deal. Users also feel an intense craving for more of the substance, both for its physiological and its psychological effects.

Usually, the use of cocaine starts from taken in heavy dosage of alcohol and cannabis. The extremely fast and strong effects of cocaine on the brain’s reward centers, however, seem to formulate this substance more likely than most illegal substances to result in patterns of abuse and dependence, even among people who have never been heavy users of any other substances.

Cocaine has been blamed as one of the primary reasons why crime has been rising. By letting addict to go through a drug rehab, the problems brought about by cocaine addiction is slowly being rid of. The consequence of the numerous drug rehab centers sprouting has been possible because of the continual rise of cocaine addiction. Victims of cocaine dependency and addiction is being helped by several established treatment and drug rehab programs. Medical treatment and cognitive-behavioral therapies are being provided to these patients. However, the elimination of the taking in of drugs is not the only problem of cocaine addiction and dependency. It goes as far as teaching the patient a life free from drugs. Opening how the addiction came about are also being tackled as part of other treatment programs all for the abolishing of cocaine addiction. This is attributed to the fact that there are cases where in physical and sexual abuse have been associated to drug dependency. When people couldn’t seem to handle such stressful events, they tend to resort to certain behaviors that may allow them to escape the mere thought of the undesirable experience, which is craving for the euphoric feeling given by drugs.

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug which causes many bad effects that drug rehab is very essential to eradicate the problems of cocaine addiction.

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