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The gene For Drug Addiction and Rehab Help

Peer pressure and media images that say drugs are cool makes people to start using drugs. Then, they continue using drugs because they become physically addicted to the drug. Right? While societal messages and the addictive properties of drugs no doubt play roles in people’s behavior for utilizing drugs, there are clearly numerous more factors involved. The genetic contributors to drug addiction behavior and its risk has been the focused of the recent research on drug addiction.

The concordance rate for drug use behavior is significantly higher in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic twins have been part of the first reports that suggested that genes play a role in drug use. These reports were published over forty years ago. These findings have been confirmed by several subsequent publications. It has been concluded that 53% of variation in drug use behavior was attributable to genetic causes. This conclusion came from the data summarized from variation in drug use behavior was attributable to genetic causes .

Just how genes affect drug addiction behavior was not known, however, until advanced technologies for genetic research began to be applied in studies of drug use. This research centers on the neurotransmitter dopamine for the reason that the reinforcing properties of drugs are possibly due, in part, to the fact that properties of drugs stimulate dopamine release and inhibits the dopamine reuptake, thereby increasing levels of dopamine at synapses in the brain. Genetic variation in the dopamine receptor gene and the dopamine transport gene may influence concentrations of dopamine at the synapses and responses to dopamine.

The hope of investigators in this area is that greater understanding of the genetics of drug use behavior will lead to better identification of people at risk and the development of better treatments, including new drugs, to help people stop going through drug addiction.

In order to make a 100% effective treatment, specialist have studied and researched real hard in order to find what really causes addiction . People should also take on their part. They should automatically call for rehab help once they know about drug addiction on their selves or the people they know .

The recovery from drug addiction requires rehab help as a vital step. Necessary information all about drug addiction will be provided to you. Rehab help will serve as your companion in this very stressful and problematic part of your life. Rehab help can provide you a counselor where you can express all that you are going through. All these are confidential and will never be out in the open without your permission. What’s more interesting is that there are rehab help that are cost free.

Calling a rehab help is really important and recommended. Rehab help has professional counselors that while helping you making easy the stressful part of your life will also give you options for treatment. These options for treatment that are given to you can be very varied. You will never find it hard to get to know these treatments because it will all be explained to you. Honest answers will be given. One should call rehab help right away. Let us all be free from drug addiction.

Calling a rehab help is recommended before one settles on a drug rehab treatment.

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