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The Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s unpredicted and fast end at the age of 50 during 2009 dismayed the whole world. His dying has become attributed entirely to the overdose and wrong use of prescribed drugs. The only real questions still left unanswered are whether or not the degree taken by Michael was on purpose and of his own doing or if those nearest to him could possibly have had a hand in his death. Body guards, friends and those who attended him clinically have been questioned in the passing.

Michael was a pop celebrity from a young age. His recognition and accusations of abuse in the home forced the performer, songwriter towards a lifestyle of privacy. In addition, it made him a particular target of all those in the market to produce a easy profit at his expense. These and other causes might have led to his incorrect use of medicine nevertheless the bottom line is the whole world suddenly lost a gifted genius due to drug use.

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