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Seann William Scott Goes into Rehab

Popular actor Seann William Scott, most commonly known for his comical and relatively unusual character in “American Pie” movies is one of the many superstars who has recently undergone a stint inside an inpatient rehabilitation center. Inspite of the Hollywood gossip mill stating that he entered into swift treatment, he checked himself into a rehab center in March. While there are not many specifics in to the troubles surrounding this, hints of declining well being and private problems are thought to be connected.

Soon after concluding the whole month in rehab, Scott hopes to get back to work shortly on one more “American Pie” flick, where his energetic character “Stifler” will once again shine, the role contributing to his push into fame. Today, Scott was found at a New York Knicks game in which he appeared to be enjoying himself but only time will tell whether or not his treatment efforts are for sure effective in the long-term.

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