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Rihanna Rehab

While pop music sensation Rihanna is known for a few of her ballads, the song “Rehab” produced a splash for the absolutely wrong reasons. The timing of the launching prompted a press frenzy and everybody was endeavoring to think of the meaning driving the vocals. The musician has acknowledged that the lines will not be linked to drug abuse and even sex for that matter, but it’s rendered many spectators to assume that the tune was crafted in relation to the actual star’s also well known ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

After courting for a while, suggestions of abuse shortly erupted after an episode relating to a physical altercation involving the two whereby police were phoned. Rihanna had sustained minimal personal injuries right after Brown had beaten her inside his car. The somewhat racy vocals and also the timing of the unveiling of the tune has caused much rumours. Several believe that the track was illustrative of the topsy-turvy relationship and that it was dedicated to Brown.

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