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Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

First Tiger Woods, then Jesse James, who will be after that? Depends on who gets busted serial fooling around! Sex rehabilitation can be considered more of a joke as compared to a real therapy stint. Even though sex addiction is indeed a sickness, what we are witnessing is disloyal men trying to repair what’s left of their partnerships. So far, neither partnership has been rescued by the sexual addiction therapy.

Serialized infidelity does not necessarily mean that you have a basic sexual addiction. Numerous men just still find it not possible to remain loyal to just one partner, particularly when just one significant other is continually moving around for work. Nonetheless, it really is a growing pattern in treatment clinics. Regrettably, because there’s no real fundamental sex addiction which is inducing the cheating, the therapy is essentially pointless. Partners have to either stop fooling around or quit generating reasons for their unfaithful behavior to avoid shining a poor limelight on legitimate sex addictions.

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