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PTSD and Addiction Treatment

PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, is really a issue that many people through the United States face on a regular basis. This problem may be devastating since it prevents people from having the ability to function effectively using conditions due to upheaval resulting from a past event. People suffering from PTSD could be unable to talk, to go, or to remain upright when confronted by stimuli that is linked to whatever caused them to develop PTSD in the very first place. Some common factors behind PTSD include:

* Involvement in violent activities

* Witness of violent events

* Witness of murder/death

* Exposure in life situations death and

* Witness of emotional of divorce/break-up (usually kids seeing one event that happens to separation of parents)

* Involvement in mentally destructive confrontations/divorces/break-ups

Another problem that many people have trouble with is addiction. Addiction is a disease of the mind and body characterized by an actual, psychological, and emotional need for the consumption of a drug or alcohol material within a certain timeframe. Habits are disorders that adversely harm a person who is promoting addiction, along with harm the people around them. Many people’s lives are totally changed as a result of addiction; some people even lose their lives.

Habits and ptsd are linked in some cases. PTSD often leads to the development of addiction. You see, those that struggle with PTSD often self-medicate for the pain and discomfort they feel due to PTSD. Alcohol and drugs may help to reduce them and help them to flee from PTSD for a while. Over-time, usage of alcohol and drugs hence often leads to the development of a physical addiction, together with an emotional attachment because of how drugs or alcohol might help them to alleviate their emotional pains.

There is a condition referred to as dual diagnosis, or co-occurring problem, which is characterized by the existence of a mental health problem and a compound abuse/addiction problem. PTSD and addiction of any category can come under this category.

There is a have to address the mental-health issue combined with the substance addiction problem. This is the reason you will find programs offering PTSD and addiction treatment. In order to fully reach the root of addiction, PTSD must be addressed as well. If it is left alone, then it is likely that addiction will come back. For this purpose, PTSD and addiction treatment should be conducted at once for the most successful results.

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