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Pain Management in Rehab

Pain is usually an underlying manifestation of alcohol and drug abuse. Many times an addict has relied on illicit substances or abused prescribed or legal alcohol and drugs simply to find respite from the pain that has made their lives desperate. Pain control in rehab is necessary in order for the patient can find an effective way to find additional, healthier approaches to cope with the pain which by self-medicating.

Many addiction rehabilitation centres work toward cleansing and rehabilitation by employing treatment while continuing with the heath care treatment program that the patient was on. In case, while in the recovery phase of the treatment the patient is still suffering from pain, a health care provider as well as rehabilitation center will attempt to work together to identify a pain management program that will provide reduction. If the pain just isn’t managed effectively, it could actually create a relapse down the road when the addict turns yet again to self-medication as escape.

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