Opiate and Opioid Support Groups

Support Groups for Opiate and Opioid Addicts

People who struggle with a opiate (and opioids, heroin) addictions have options. One of those is Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Another is Opiates Anonymous.  Both provide free, confidential support to addicts.  That could be problems with opioids, narcotics, opiates, heroin, amphetamines and prescription drugs.


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NA is a nonprofit group, or fellowship, of men and women who are facing major problems in their lives due to their drug use. All members are recovering patients, supporting each other to live a life that is free from drugs. As part of NA, members must aim to be completely abstinent, although the only prerequisite for membership is wanting to get clean.

“We suggest that you keep an open mind and give yourself a break.”
Like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), NA follows a number of simple steps that have been clearly defined for all to follow. These steps can be incorporated in anybody’s daily life. Most importantly, they have been proven to be effective.


Like NA and AA, Opiates Anonymous is a nonprofit group that provides free and confidential support to those struggling with opiate and opioid abuse and addiction. They currently have fewer groups than NA so you’ll want to peruse their site to find meetings in your areas.

Opiates Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship whose members have a desire to stop using opiates and all other mind altering substances. Our members share their experience on how they have recovered from a hopeless state so that they may help others to recover.

Support Groups summary:

Both NA and OA provide free support for those who want to kick their addiction for good.  We encourage all opiate, opioid, narcotic addicts to seek medical assistance because when one is addicted they face additional health risks.

Opiate hotline is answered 24/7 – we’re always here to provide guidance.  1-888-784-6641

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