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Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

Open up any kind of magazine nowadays and you can find a write-up regarding a person hooked on drugs. The process begins innocently enough, you’ve got an mild pain, you visit the physician so they suggest pain medication. You set about taking them and feel great. This needs to be the end of the tale, even so, lots of people like the way they feel while on these drugs and carry on with their use long after the prescription is necessary.

Approximately 20 % of American’s have both used medicines for no reason other than to feel happy or have misused their prescription medications for the same influence. With the accessibility to doctor prescribed pain medications, it isn’t challenging to see how this may occur. Drug dealers today carry them as part of their stash and they also could even be purchased without a prescription online. Sadly this improper use of prescription pain killers has triggered an astounding number of deaths attributable to unintentional overdose.

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