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Long Sleeved Summers, a Timely, Must-read Memoir About Addiction and Recovery, is Officially Available

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What happens when a pharmacist entrusted with helping the public’s welfare becomes his own best customer? First-time author Michael Janflone has taken his story to the public, and none too soon as addiction continues to rise, especially when it comes to high dose opiate pain relievers. A resident of South Florida, home of the oxycodone pill mills, Mr. Janflone has seen countless stories about children as young as 10 years old overdosing and dying from the greed and corruption of unscrupulous doctors. The stigmas keep the disease hidden when an addict needs help the most. His story is raw and unnerving at times, it is a stark portrayal of reality, and one society must come to realize. (

(PRWeb January 05, 2012)

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