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Lindsay Lohan’s Addiction Problems Stem from her ADHD?

It was previously thought that Lindsay Lohan’s usually inconsistent and careless conduct was caused by ADHD. Brought into the spotlight for many wrong doings, Lindsay Lohan was tested and taken care of by medical doctors for this medical condition. Lately however it has been verified by her recent physician that she does not have ADHD. Quite a few Americans, especially small children, are wrongly diagnosed on a yearly basis with ADHD. A lot of people that suffer from ADHD aren’t hyper in the least; in fact, a good number of youngsters that have ADHD often daze off and gaze into space and are unable to concentrate on projects at hand.

ADHD has been routinely confused with bipolar disorder, as they both include similar indicators in young kids. It is not until the youngster gets to age of puberty people symptoms of ADHD and bipolar part ways. It might be come to the conclusion for Lindsay Lohan that her addiction to medications could have stemmed from this misdiagnosis thus inducing her to start to be enslaved by a medication which never ought to have been recommended.

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