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Laguna Beach/The Hills Hottie Jason Wahler Alcoholism

Jason Wahler admits it ended up being reality television that made him rely on alcoholic drinks when he was eighteen. His partying lifestyle got him into issues sufficient that he went into rehab seven times and was imprisoned half a dozen occasions, all under the influence of booze. Wahler confesses he tried meds but that alcohol was basically always his medication of choice. He partied hard and suffered with blackouts whenever he was incredibly inebriated. He claims that he fails to recall getting arrested and confesses that the blackouts terrified him.

Having looked at exactly what his habit was doing to his loved ones, that’s when Wahler made the decision to clean his act up. After remaining sober for sixty seven days he showed up on Celebrity Rehab with Jeremy London and Janice Dickinson and remains as sober to this day. Regardless of his stint on Celebrity Rehab, he offers that the show’s doctor, Dr .. Drew, doesn’t provide a lot of advice, nor does Doctor. Drew stay in contact with the celebrities after they depart the show.

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