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LA’s Underground Music Drug Queen (Stacy Ann Ferguson “Fergie”)

Stacy Ann Ferguson, given birth to on March 27, 1975, started her career as the voice of Sally in the Charlie Brown cartoon. She eventually proceeded to land a part on the long term television show, Kids Incorporated. Once the show concluded she joined up with the band known as Wild Orchid. It absolutely was her beginning to fame and fortune after delivering numerous hit tunes under the label RCA. Simply three years later while on tour the brand cancelled on the group Wild Orchid and it’s really then that Stacy started her melt down. Depressed over the loss of her employment, along with the doubt of her future, she started taking the drugs Ecstasy and Crystal Methamphetamine.

She grew to be dependent on the drugs and disappeared off to merely ninety pounds. When friends inquired about her weight loss she lied and told them she was bulimic. Soon thereafter she looked in the reflection and was terrified for just what she observed and looked to God for support. She decided that she had too much talent to be throwing away her life away and began the whole process of cleaning up her act. In the year 2000 while working as a dance floor regular and back up singer for many groups she was found by a member of the Black Eyed Peas who signed her on as a long lasting member. Today Stacy is enjoying her well-deserved limelight.

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