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Holistic Rehab Center

Almost everyone is aware of what a rehab center is. However, most people don’t know what a holistic rehab center is. Similarly, most people couldn‘t even tell you what holistic means. So let us begin with that. Holistic refers to a balance of health between the mind, body, and spirit. Doctors who practice holistic healing address the healing of the mind and soul as well as the body. They also do not practice western medicine. They tend use natural herbs and remedies to heal. Now we apply the term holistic to rehab.

In addition to facing drug addictions live a regular drug rehab center, holistic drug rehab centers focus on the health of the mind and the spirit. Most drug rehabs focuses on detoxing an addicts body and helping them understand how to fight addiction. Holistic rehab doctors attempt to heal the soul first along with the body. They believe that to have complete health, the soul must be healthy and sound. Holistic doctors believe that the soul must be healed and made strong if an addiction is to be defeated. The mind must also be healed if it is to overcome addiction. The mind must be rid of the damage drugs have done and made to understand how to maintain a healthy existence. Holistic rehab centers are special because of their emphasis on 3 part healing. Most doctors agree this is a good course to follow when attempting to get off drugs.

So what are the different processes taken in a holistic rehab center? Well first off, patients go through 40 hours a week of personal and group therapy. Meditation for the mind is part of this therapy as well as the usual therapy sessions. Many different therapy sessions take place. To name a few: motivational enhancement therapy, mindfulness, eye movement desensitization, and transformational therapies. These therapies combine the idea of health for the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Another unique aspect of holistic rehab centers is there detoxing activities. Holistic rehab patients receive acupuncture and/or therapeutic massage at least once a week in the spa center. This calms the body, relaxes the mind, and soothes the spirit. It’s a healthy way to release negative energy. The center supports the intake of positive energy through the art of Reiki massage. This type of massage involves a therapist transferring good energy from themselves into the body and soul of another. These therapeutic rituals have been proven to be very beneficial.

Also, patients are further detoxified with weekly visits to the spa. Patients are encouraged to spend time in the spa’s whirlpool, steam rooms, and saunas. Native Americans believed in sweating negative energy out in steam houses. The practice of sweating out toxins is still achieved in modern steam rooms and saunas. Spa visits are believed to be very healing to all three aspects of the human being. Patients usually enjoy these amenities 2 to 3 times a week.

Patients also partake in karate and yoga classes as positive releases of energy. This clears the body of unwanted energy as well as strengthens it. These classes also teach discipline and endurance which are greatly important to recovering drug addicts. To keep self-esteem at a high level, patients are also required to spend 2 hours in the gym at least 3 hours a week. This allows patients to release pent up energy, produce endorphins, and strengthen the body. In addition to fitness, nutrition is extremely important. Chefs prepare low carb and high protein diets for all the patients. These meals satisfy the clients as well as provide healthy much needed energy for the body.

There are a lot of benefits to holistic rehab centers. The superb structure of these centers inspire health in many different areas. The focus on mind, body, and spirit is widely believed to be the best technique when facing down drug addiction. The processes the patients go through are all excepted to be great things to do when dealing with addiction. There are many reasons why these holistic rehab centers are gaining in popularity, and those reasons are not hard to find.

Holistic rehab centers focus on mind, body, and spirit healing. Healthy lifestyles are created through holistic drug rehab centers.

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