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Heroin in America – a history of opiate and opioid abuse

Heroin addiction takes lives

Heroin addiction takes lives

This brief ABC News video documents the history of heroin use in the united states as well as some staggering statistics.  Clearly we have never seen the level of heroin and other opiate/opioid overdoses and deaths and even number of addicts that we see today.  Our country is facing an opiate crisis for which we have never seen.  The need for addiction treatment has never been more pressing.   In spite of the gravity of the problem, there is hope for every addict.  No one is hopeless.

Heroin and opioid addicts can and do recover

Heroin addicts, opioid addicts and prescription drug addicts can and do recover from their addictions. No one is hopeless, but it takes a genuine desire to change your life, and a willingness to be uncomfortable as you enter treatment and recovery to start a new way of life.  But first you have to ask for help.

If you or a loved one are tangled in a web of opiate addiction call and talk to a treatment professional now.  We’re here 24/7.  The call is free and confidential. Call Now 1-888-784-6641

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