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Help Solve Your Problem with Cocaine Anonymous

Whenever a problem arises in your life, what do you do? Cry for help? Figure it out on your own? Or simply ignore it? Life is not life without problems. Indeed, we are evidently living because we bleed, we get hurt. We have weaknesses. That’s human nature. Moreover, being human is not just self-centered. It’s not just me-directed. Human beings cannot live alone. Visualize a person who is left on the streets alone with nothing. Is he cheerful? Or imagine a very wealthy person living in a mansion, alone. Is he happy? No. nobody is happy when they are lonely.

Above might be an introduction worth pondering about and you may begin to speculate why I am writing about it. In relation to addiction, one should not face the battle of addiction on his/her own. There are tons of people who are very willing to help. Loved ones are there to provide love and care. Friends are there to prop you up along the way. In dealing with addiction one should look for help from other people. And for some, they seek help from fellow addicts.

Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from their addiction. The only condition for membership is a desire to stop using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances. There are no dues for membership; they are fully self supporting through their own contributions. They are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution. They do not desire to engage in any disagreement and they neither approve nor resist any causes. Their primary purpose is to stay free from cocaine and all other mind-altering substances, and to help others achieve the same freedom.

Cocaine Anonymous began in Los Angeles in 1982, and has since expanded throughout the United States and Canada, with groups now forming in Europe. Their literature is available in English, French, and Spanish and their first book “Hope, Faith and Courage: Stories from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous” was published in 1994. As of 1996, they estimated their membership at 30,000 members in over 2,000 groups.

Cocaine Anonymous uses the twelve step program just as Alcoholics Anonymous uses it in dealing with problems of their members. They personalized some steps to fit the needs of the group. The dynamics of cocaine anonymous believes that being of service to others is a path towards recovery from cocaine dependence. With this, fellow addicts share their own experiences, feelings, and struggles among each other hoping that through this, one would be thankful for the splendor of life and that he is not alone in the battle. The primary goal of cocaine anonymous is merely not to cure the person from the addiction, but mostly, to heal the person’s heart after all the struggles he had been through. It is more of spiritual healing and practicing willpower to start life anew away from the drugs that once destroyed his or her life.

Like any other organization that helps one to overcome any kind of addiction, Cocaine Anonymous is a very excellent guide to let an addict release whatever emotions he or she feels. Here, addicts are not mocked; rather, they are helped and loved. Here, members are praised for their bravery and courage in facing their problems and for their humility that they need others to help them fight the battle. Moreover, former addicts who have already recovered could be a good source of inspiration for active addicts. They could sponsor those who are still in the process of healing and guide these people towards the light.

Cocaine Anonymous is always there to lend a hand to your cocaine problems.

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