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Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction refers to a doctrine allowing drug users to participate in their habit in ways that lessens the probability of destruction of themselves or other people. Rather than discipline the person, the viewpoint could be to present help a person that could ultimately guide him lose his addiction. A example of harm reduction procedures are usually needle change programs or even safe places where persons can go to get clean injection products, info on drugs along with fundamental clinical, therapy contacts, and the means to access healthcare workers. Not all of these types of plans are obtainable all over the world. Simply by inquiring addicts to join up for these particular kinds of plans, the actual hope is that they could very well be demonstrated a method out of their addiction. The Harm Reduction Network is often a cost-free, volunteer/participant-based program that has assist, information plus training to junkies and also alcoholics through meeting and online chat groups. Teams are usually organized geographically and frequently by drug abuse class.

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