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Get A Drug Addiction Treatment Help

In some form of addiction, genetics play a substantial role. For example, the relatives of people who are drug addicted are eight times more likely to also be in the situation of drug addiction than the relatives of people with no drug addiction histories. The particular drug being used is likely to run in families. Families that use one substance, however, are more likely to use multiple substances.

A substantial portion of the family transition of drug addiction is due to genetics. This has been proved by twin studies. For example, in a study of more than three thousand male twins, it has been found out that concordance rate among monozygotic twins of .48, compared with .32 among dizygotic twins. This only applies through early onset of drug addiction and not to the late onset of drug addiction.

Several studies suggest that the specific gene that contributes to drug addiction is the dopamine receptor gene. Irregularities in this gene could cause deficiencies in the dopamine system, which lead people to seek to stimulate the mesolimbic dopamine system in the brain with substances.

The evidence for a genetic transmission of drug addiction has been much more consistent for males than for females. The genetic contribution to female drug addiction has not been found out by several studies. However, genetics involving in female drug addiction has been suggested by several studies. However, sexual abuse and other certain environmental circumstances have been strong predictors on drug abuse for women. Researchers are currently debating whether the contributors to drug addiction are different, at least in magnitude for women and men. Also, biological theorists interested in drug addiction have recently made advances in identifying the genetic factors that may influence an individual’s vulnerability.

Since drug addiction can run in the family, a family member should really be careful when he or she knows that there are other members of the family that has been devastated due to drug addiction. Rather than be an addition to the problem, he or she should look for ways to solve it. One of the best ways to help is to look for drug addiction treatment help. In your search for drug addiction recovery, there are many ways on how looking for drug addiction treatment help can really help you .

Going through 12 steps program, bio-physical method, behavior modification programs, and religious methods are the different ways on how drug addiction treatment help can aid you . 12 steps program requires you to live your life according to certain twelve steps supplied. These twelve steps are said to help you recover from drug addiction. The bio-physical method uses exercise, vitamins, and a good diet as armor for drug addiction. The bio-physical methods believe that through this, the body can go back to its natural state. As we all know, the natural state of the body is free from drugs. The behavior modification program uses techniques to correct wrong behaviors from the individual which helps them in their use of drugs. Lastly, for people who want to start their life anew after drug use can opt to go through a religious method. They are advised to stay away miles from their family in order to concentrate on the self to recover from drug addiction in this method. Centering one’s life on God and going through bible studies is the key part in recovering from drug addiction according to this religious method

There are many ways on how looking for drug addiction treatment help can really help you in search for your drug addiction recovery.

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