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Facts about OCD and Addiction

OCD, often called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is actually a ailment that might take over a person’s life. Almost never documented, primarily because of their humiliation and shame, a lot of people that are suffering from this ailment go with no treatment. A person with OCD may have some days with excessive anxiety and find themselves struggling to perform easy responsibilities. Since a person with this disease suffers often from substantial degrees of stress and anxiety it’s not unheard of that they’ll consider medications as a form of alleviation. This could possibly turn into a just crazy combination because someone who has this ailment is already compulsive, making it easier for them to develop into a drug addict rather quickly.

When a person who has OCD becomes addicted to substances it is called a double diagnosis, since they have a emotional illness as well as a drug addiction. Dual Diagnosis patients need to be given good care from a educated professional in this field. Because a person with OCD tends to disguise their emotional condition the possibility of them trying to hide a drug addiction is increased. A support group containing friends and family is sometimes truly the only hope this individual has.

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