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Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Research has shown that there is a strong link between eating disorders along with drug abuse. These reports likewise show that those people affected by severe scenarios of eating disorders also can end up with substance abuse to assist retain his or her eating disorders. As an example, take an anorexic female that is dealing with image problems. Consuming stimulants including cocaine can keep her fat off because on the list of secondary effects associated with cocaine is actually weight-loss.

Since eating disorders undoubtedly are a mental disease, individuals who are afflicted by eating disorders in addition to drug addictions should be treated for the two diseases all at once. There isn’t any defined routine in terms of the problems along with resulting harmful addictions. The actual obsession could be a consequence of the disorder or perhaps the other way around. It truly is up to a psychologist to settle on the most beneficial method in treating a person with co-occurring issues. The treatment of the two diseases together is called dual diagnosis.

However, it’s not at all rare for psychiatrists to overlook the link relating to the eating disorder in addition to drug use. In the event the relationship is not detected, the person might be treated for just one ailment but not the other. Once this predicament takes place, it is quite simple for the affected person to relapse as soon as therapy for one condition is done. The good thing is, additional recognition is being brought to the public in regards to the risks of eating disorders as well as the destructive addictions that will follow as a result. Nonetheless, given that the press shows great beauty for being at least 5’7 and less than a hundred and fifteen pounds, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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