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Drug and Alcohol Facts

There are many substances that have addictive properties. Most people has not yet tried all these substances. Of people who have tried them, abuse and dependence that does not really follow. The reason is due to the differences on people in terms of vulnerability to substance-related disorders matter. There are many theories to actually prove it.

For many years, getting addicted to the drugs and alcohol was considered to be a result of deficiencies on morality. Drug and alcohol addicts were simply perceived as weak, bad people who would not exert control over their impulses. Since 1960s, that view has largely been replaced by the disease model of addiction, which views drug and alcohol addiction as an incurable physical disease, like epilepsy or diabetes. This model has been supported somewhat by research on the genetics and biology of drug and alcohol addiction, but there clearly are social and psychological forces that make some people more prone to these disorders than are others. The vulnerability of an individual to substance abuse and dependence is increased by factors such as biological, social, and psychological.

When it comes to theories, one of the most prominent in the literature that discusses substance-related disorders is the biological theory. This can be attributed to three reasons. First, there are numerous theorists that point the vulnerability to these disorders to genetics. Second, people who develop substance abuse or dependence may react differently physiologically to substances than those who become dependent or abusive. Third, some theorists have argued that drug and alcohol addiction really represents an underlying biological depression. These are drug and alcohol facts which can help us understand how it has rise in our lives and in our society. There are still many drug and alcohol facts to help and warn us against its effects. Let us try to know them one by one.

Drug Facts:

• Effects of addictive drugs can never be predicted.

• Drug addiction can lead to impairment.

• Treatment for drug addiction can be a tedious and gruesome process.

• There are appropriate action given to users and producers of illegal drugs.

• Every year, there is an increase of health problems that are alcohol related.

• There are different categorizations of addictive drugs.

Alcohol Facts:

• The major effects of alcohol are bad on most aspects.

• Alcohol serves as a depressant to the body.

• Alcohol has short term effects.

• An individual can be greatly affected even just for a small amount of alcohol.

• Alcohol should never be consumed with medications.

• Alcoholism can be hereditary.

• The exact amount of how alcohol can affect the body is different for every individual.

• A person should never drink with an empty stomach.

• Removing alcohol from the household can lessen a family member to develop alcoholism.

• Alcohol can cause major damage to the liver.

• A person should eat before ingesting alcohol.

• Prolonged alcohol use can cause weight gain.

• Alcohol use has been the major preceding factor of a crime.

• As early as 11 years old, children are said by statistics to have tasted alcohol.

• Deaths due to drunk driving is increasing every year.

Drug and alcohol facts are important so that people can know how to deal with drugs and alcohol.

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