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Drug Abuse in the NBA

In any sport you’ll discover participants which are naturally attracted to illegal drugs. Many different kinds of prescription medication is misused amid NBA participants, including marijuana, alcoholic beverages and steroids. Considering that players are expected to perform after being brought in with multi-million dollar agreements, it’s not a surprise that some turn to overall performance boosting medicines such as steroid drugs. Even so, abusing pills comes along with effects.

Players, such as Chris Andersen, are generally susceptible to being at the whim of the sports league. Chris Andersen violated a no substance abuse policy and for that reason was laid off from actively playing in the NBA in ’06. Competitors who’re dismissed because of medicine use are required to wait 24 months before applying for reinstatement. You will find different levels of implications depending upon the sorts of drugs which might be misused with dismissal being the ultimate effect. After a participant is laid off, he must work hard to confirm himself deserving of rejoining the NBA.

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