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Dr. Drew vs. Charlie Sheen: A Battle to Sanity

Aided by the most recent news relating to Charlie Sheen and his probable manic symptoms, every single psychologist wants to take a chance at assessing Sheen. Dr .. Drew, however, provides his thoughts that Charlie Sheen may just be bipolar, stating that Sheen’s signs and symptoms match that of a manic depressive person.

Dr. Drew, identified by many as a high profile psychologist, isn’t a new person to providing medical determinations. He has described Sheen as a bipolar personality without ever counseling Sheen. Sheen, conversely, just isn’t taking the public suggestions without providing up his ideas on Dr. Drew. Sheen once stated he’d take on Dr. Drew in the arena and indicate him who is “winning.” The combat proceeds, even now, with Dr. Drew regularly diagnosing Sheen’s symptoms and informing the fans that Sheen ought to be taken into guardianship. With Sheen becoming terminated from Two and a Half Men, we have yet to find out what the foreseeable future holds for him.

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