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Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

A few months ago during March 2011, a doctor and nurse practitioner out of Needham, MA have been accused with regard to presumably offering and releasing pills to identified medication users to make money. In the case with the medical doctor and nurse practitioner it had become found out that they offered for sale unneeded pain relievers to the junkies in return for cash as well as insurance payments. This specific alleged circulation and sale appears to lead back so far as 03. This particular supposed negligence could possibly have induced the fatalities connected with six individuals in the recent past and as many as a 12 or so from ’03 on.

It really is depressing to imagine that a health practitioner who will take an pledge to save lives will give into benefit above beliefs. The doctor and practitioner understood totally well that the individuals they distributed cocaine and also other meds to were junkies. The physician and practitioner were also allegedly aware that these same medicines would be resold within the community to other people. Even though both the physician and nurse practitioner have been arrested for conspiracy to illegally dispense controlled materials, it is not clear if further charges might be added.

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