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Bill W.

William Griffith Wilson, plainly generally known as Bill W. to many, is undoubtedly best known for his effort in co-founding Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). His personal story is fairly a lot like other people which have struggled having an addiction to alcohol. With the trials in his life to acquiring his initial drink, almost everything appeared to get out of hand. It was actually during the course of World War 1 when Wilson’s life would shift once and for all as a result of drink. It had not been long before Bill would turn into a full blown addict.

He grew to be afraid and also didn’t believe that he possessed the power to avoid alcohol by himself, which brought him to look for support. The Oxford Group, an evangelical organization would supply him with some of the tools, assistance and information which he required to keep from alcohol consumption while educating him the power of serving other individuals in his pursuit. After that, Bill W. along with the Oxford Group worked with to create the 12-step program still used by those struggling with drinking alcohol today. Despite the fact that he passed away in this life in 1971 due to other health difficulties, he was sober and had been for 37 years.

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