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Andy Dick’s Whirlwind Rehab Tours

Along with the lifetime of being a super star usually will come the call of drugs as well as alcohol. Regrettably, Andy Dick’s account is not any significantly less sordid than most of Hollywood’s big names. Just after crashing his car into a utility pole years back, he ended up being sentenced to a couple weeks in rehab. He claims to have been in rehabilitation not less than 10 times.

The question is, if he has been in therapy so often, why should he continue to fall victim to booze and alcohol abuse? A few are convinced his lower than good profession might have something connected with it. He’s well known with regard to his humor performances but has not acquired stable work in Hollywood in numerous years. It could be that too many rehab stints have tainted Dick’s persona and producers are cautious to use him. It truly is unhappy that a superstar might have talent but yet take steps that will eradicate that talent and the persona that accompany it.

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